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Educational Room


Miguel Ángel Battegazzore Educational Room

The art program that will take place for over four months at the educational room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore, consists of inviting public primary school students to visit the foundation. It will be every Friday and there will be a morning visit and an afternoon visit. 

Students will have an art history class in the auditorium and then they will go to the educational room where they will work with ceramic, painting and print. Then they will enjoy a snack in the sculpture park.

This program is possible thanks to the following contributors:

Intendencia de Maldonado, Casa de la Cultura:

Gabriel Lema

Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Visuales de Maldonado:

Diego Bertorelli - Print professor 

María Inés Miraballes - Ceramics professor 

Alicia Bon - Painting professor 


La Sandwichería de Miguel Sordi Catering

Fundación Pablo Atchugarry:

Pablo Atchugarry

Silvana Neme

Piero Atchugarry

Magdalena Fernández - Art history professor

Juan Pablo Imbellone

Mirta García

José Baladón

Oscar Martínez.