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10/31/2020 to 12/19/2020


Link between two worlds

The verticality of his sculptures, that stretch up to the sky, also creates a link between two worlds: the earthly floor in which they are firmly anchored and the impalpable air in which they appear to float. Contemplating them, our gaze is automatically drawn upwards and loses itself beyond the matter. Pablo Atchugarry’s creations are shrouded in mystery and do not give everything away at first glance, requiring us to take the time to observe the sculptures revealing themselves to us as we walk around them, and as the light strikes them. Each spectator can therefore give free rein to their imagination and interpret them as they please. This phenomenon, enhanced by the non-figurative aspect of the sculptures, seems intentional on behalf of the artist, who gives no titles to the majority of his creations, seemingly unwilling to influence different spectators’ perceptions.

His pieces are timeless, made to last and to be part of an historical continuity, that of the Greek sculptors, of the genius Michelangelo, of Giacometti and of Brancusi.


Philippe Clerc, art historian.

Items of interest


Putting Uruguay on the art map: sculptor Pablo Atchugarry is building a world-class museum in his home country

Billed as Uruguay’s most comprehensive hub for international contemporary art, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Atchugarry will open in Punta del Este next January.

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Natalia Cacchiarelli

Opening Saturday 9th March, 7 pm.