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12/30/2011 to 01/31/2012

Art Shows

José Gurvich

“The fantastic worlds of José Gurvich”

December 30 – January 31, 2011 – 2012.


The exhibition shows over one hundred works by the master, that cover his artistic production, allowing the visitor to appreciate the versatility and mastery of José Gurvich over the course of his different periods, themes that sparked his interest and how he has majestically shaped his works, the numerous mediums and techniques he used, in a clear demonstration of talent and creativity.

The works are shown in series: the Montevideo port, Still Lifes, Constructive Universalism, The Children’s World, the Hill, the Couple, the Fantastic World, the Jewish Universes and New York New York. The exhibit will be accompanied by the publication of an important catalogue, with reproductions of his works and critical texts written by specialists such as Cecilia de Torres, Professor Edward Sullivan, Professor Alicia Haber and the Architect Rafael Lorente. 

Gurvich is born in Lithuania in 1927 and he arrives in Uruguay with his family when he is three years old. This working family of Jewish origin settles in Montevideo’s Barrio Sur, where the young Gurvich was raised and where he established his link to Montevideo’s society. He was a student at the Torres-García Workshop and later a teacher.

Being one of the most distinguished disciples of the master, he is one of the exponents of the School of the South. In Montevideo he established himself in the popular neighborhood of Cerro, also characterized for its large presence of immigrants and workers that he portrayed so majestically in the works of that series. He traveled several times to Europe, Israel and New York. In two opportunities he visited the Ramot Menashé kibbutz and there he worked as a sheepherder, while he was planning and organizing exhibits of his works. 

Organizes: Fundación Pablo Atchugarry and Gurvich Museum

Curator: Martín Gurvich
Sponsor: Fundación Itaú
Promotes: Merrill Lynch
Support: UNESCO

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