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The Foundation

Fundación Pablo Atchugarry is a non profit institution inaugurated in 2007, work of the sculptor Pablo Atchugarry.

It was created with the spirit of promoting visual arts, literature, music, dance,and other creative outputs. This social and cultural project is constructed in a dynamic and constant way and it is consolidated through the work and experience of its founder.

Fundación Pablo Atchugarry wants to be a space of ideal union between art and nature. Where the song of the birds accompanies the spectator between lakes and an undulated landscape where sculptures “germinate” as well as other artistic manifestations.

In the summer, at dusk, there are other songs and other instruments, violins, guitars, pianos and voices; from lyrical to popular music, all these sounds come together at the “Music between Art and Nature” festival. In autumn, winter and spring, children, young ones and the young in spirit visit the foundation from schools, high schools and universities from all over the country. Its projection as a meeting center for all art disciplines, allows for masters of long trajectory as well as young artists that have just begun their careers in art, to show their work.

The premises are composed of the sculptor’s workshop, a building with three exposition rooms, an auditorium (destined for concerts, projections and conferences), an open air stage for a variety of shows, a restaurant, a didactic room where sculpture, painting, drawing and ceramic classes are held, and a last space which holds the permanent collection and the work of the founder. A 30-hectare sculpture park surrounds the compound. At the same time there is a large parking space and a heliport.

The didactic objective is fundamental for the foundation and that is why it organizes each two yeasr  the national Bienial of Young Creators, and during all year the foundation focalize a didactic program for the schools of Maldonado Department , in the next future, we intend to extend it to others departments.

All the events organized by the Foundation are  free admission and free of charge.

“Art is an interior deep expression, where, past and future they fuse, creating a platform for the flight of the new generations... - Pablo Atchugarry

Board : 

Founder : Pablo Atchugarry

Director : Silvana Neme

Executive Director: Piero Atchugarry


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Guitar concert: Mathías Atchugarry

Thursday 18th of January,2018