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Students to the Park, Educational room, Miguel Ángel Battegazzore 2013

The project consists in the transportation of students from local areas such as: Maldonado, San Carlos, Aiguá, Pan de Azúcar, Garzón, La Barra, Punta del Este, Piriapolis, Solís, Pozos Azules, José Ignacio, Mataojo, Pueblo Edén, etc. to the Sculpture Park at Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, with the objective of making a recreational visit, but mainly a didactic one.

The program will span through six months at the educational room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore and it involves students from public primary schools, high schools and U.T.U. (Uruguayan Work University). It will be Wednesdays and Thursdays, in two turns, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. In those six months, around 1000 students will have visited the foundation. The general coordination of the program will be under Magdalena Fernández (B.A. in Art History, The American University of Rome).

The students will do a guided tour of the park and exhibition rooms, they will have an art history class at the auditorium dictated by Magdalena Fernández and they will also have a practical art class with a guest at the educational room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore. Within the guests there will be artists of all mediums, musicians, dancers, film directors, photographers, music producers, architects, actors, curators, gallery owners, amongst others.

Then the students will enjoy a snack in the park, where they will continue to see and get to know the work of national and international sculptors.

During the months of November and December 2013 the works done by the students will be exhibited in the didactic room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore.

Within the advances of the educational program of 2013 at Fundación Pablo Atchugarry is the launching of the art library that is in the didactic room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore. Also, this year the educational program aims to reinforce the link between education and technology by incorporating the Ceibalita (Program One Laptop per Child) to the educational area by asking the students to do research work and art projects.

Also, this year the educational program Students to the Park, Educational room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore has the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture thanks to the prize awarded through the Funds of Support for the Strengthening of the Artistic Institutions of Uruguay.


Background of Students to the Park, Educational room, Miguel Ángel Battegazzore 2013

This project at a minor scale has been done during 2011 where primary public school kids were invited to do ceramic classes with Prof. Adriana Szolno and in 2012 where in the period of 4 months we were visited by several primary public schools of the area, on Fridays, in two turns. The students had an art history class in the auditorium with Magdalena Fernández and then they had classes of ceramic, painting and print with Professors: Diego Bertorelli - Print, María Inés Miraballes and Luis Robledo - Ceramics, Alicia Bon and Federico Sequeira- Painting. Then they enjoyed a snack in the park and a visit to the exhibition rooms. This educational program of 2012 was possible thanks to the contribution of the following public and private institutions: Intendencia de Maldonado through Casa de la Cultura (Coordinación de Gabriel Lema), Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Visuales de Maldonado, Dirección de Turismo, Machado Turismo, Infantozzi Materiales, Miguel Sordi Catering, as well as the efforts and contributions of Fundación Pablo Atchugarry.

It is thus in this context and with the aim of deepening and promoting the artistic experience that the educational room Miguel Ángel Battegazzore is constructed. Equipped as an art room, exhibition room, conference room, this multifunctional space, where disciplines such as ceramic, painting, photography, etc are taught free for the child and young public of schools, high schools and U.T.U. has been for us as Fundación Pablo Atchugarry one of our main objectives as a way of developing the creative experience. 

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