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02/04/2012 to 02/29/2012

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Valentina Torrado

Essays in Red Neon

"Berlin has no sea. Perhaps that is its only sin, that it vanishes within its dynamic and, above all, between the torrents of creativity and avant-garde it exudes.

It is missing that place where the feeling of escaping civilization and all that fulfills us materializes, but at the same time overwhelms us. There, where contemplating its vast infinite horizon, it takes us to dream with liberty in its purest essence…

But that feeling can only be known if one has lived it before. Whoever yearns for the sea is because they have felt it, they have enjoyed that freedom and detachment that its immensity transmits.

One feels the temptation of closing one’s eyes before that image, to continue visualizing it in fluorescent volcanic tones within oneself, in an attempt to immortalize it, even though later it blurs slowly from conscience, it will be sculpted silently in the unconscious.

These images, which occur later in dreams and that remind us of what we are missing and what we long for right now, are impulses of a catharsis that drives us to remember the yearning of the sea and all its immensity."


Text by Ponciano M. Torrado


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