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03/03/2012 to 04/08/2012

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Linda Kohen : Times

"This important show by Linda Kohen is an open door to intimacy. Linda breathes the great Italian painting of the “Novecento”, Morandi, De Chirico, Rosai… Linda with that cultural patrimony, travels, lives and above anything paints. Thanks to her generosity and transparency she lets us enter her world, showing us the way towards simplicity."

Pablo Atchugarry


"I have titled it “TIMES”: I am referring to the ones lived in painting, different themes and manner…. according to the moment, given that in the works our life is transpired. In this show there are works from some of my series. They are from diverse times, and although different between them, they are twinned in the same feeling of love for life and anguish in front of the great mystery.

In general I plan my works: I think them, study them, draw them, correct them… but, the moment I start to paint, it is like the previous stage disappears, it gets covered, and I let myself go, it is like an intervention of chance.

Anyways I think that intention, the idea, must be read beyond the theme, it must also be read in the texture, the brushstrokes, the spaces, the tone…the theme is the point of departure, the initial motivation."

Linda Kohen



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