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11/23/2013 to 12/19/2013

Art Shows

Panavision - Rita Fischer

23rd November - 19th December 2013


Fundación Pablo Atchugarry is pleased to announce the following exhibitions:

Panavision: Diverse Practices, Common Views.

Gabriel Lema: Welcome Home

No Place: Rita Fischer

Schools to the Park 2013, Encounters with artists. Fundación Pablo Atchugarry’s Educational Program for Primary Public Schools of Maldonado.


Panavision: Diverse Practices, Common Views

Pabellón María Cristina Bonomi y Pedro Atchugarry, Room I.


Uruguayan exhibition at the XIII Venice Architectural Biennal, 2012.

Curators: Pedro Livni-Gonzalo Carrasco

Comissioner: Daniela Freiberg

Participating Studios:

Bednarik+Mirabal-Fábrica de paisaje-Gualano+Gualano-MAAM-1154pm-MBAD.



Gabriel Lema: Welcome Home

Pabellón María Cristina Bonomi y Pedro Atchugarry. Room II.

Exhibition of prints in several techniques: Silkscreen, Photoengraving, Xylography on diifferent mediums: paper, fabric and cardboard.


No Place: Rita Fischer

Pabellón María Cristina Bonomi y Pedro Atchugarry. Room III.

Exhibition of Mixed Media works and Watercolor, Tempera and Ink drawings.


Schools to the Park 2013, Encounters with artists.

Hugo López Chirico Auditorium and Miguel Angel Battegazzore Educational Room.

Exhibition of works done by Primary Public School children of Maldonado, in workshops given by invited artists. The exhibition consists of works done in several disciplines such as: Painting, Silkscreen, Stencil, Architecture, Photography, Stop-Motion, Musical Production in XO Laptop, Dancing, Acting, Singing.


MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) 2012 Prize of Support to the Strengthening of Artistical Institutions of Uruguay.


Thank you:

To all the Primary Public Schools that participated in the program (over 90)

To all the artists that participated in the program (over 30)

To Primary Inspection of Maldonado

Maldonado Intendencia - Tourism 

Infantozzi Materials

Machado Turismo


Image Gallery

Items of interest


Piano concert

Piano concert by Luis Pérez Aquino
Friday, January 3, 2020 - 20hs

Interpret: Beethoven, Chopin and Latin American composers

Free admission

Art Shows

José Risso

Opening Saturday 9th March, 7 pm.