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01/04/2015 to 02/28/2015




 Sunday 4th January

7 pm. NORBERT THOMAS " Ordered Caos" - Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of the german artist who exhibit for the first time in Uruguay. 

 9 pm. Lyrical  Gala Concert -  Eleonora Sancho ( soprano), Laura Dominguez ( contralto) , Enrique Folger( tenor) , Sebastián Angulegui ( barítono)


 Thusday  6th January

 9:00 pm. Guitar Concert - Nacho Gonzalez

Invite Fundación Itaú &  Fundación Pablo Atchugarry

Guitar concert of the musician Nacho González , present for the first time his project  " Chuecandome", will be accompanied by teh followin musicians: 

Martín Ibarburu( drums), Nacho Labrada ( Keyboards), Nacho Mateu ( Bass), Florencia González ( saxo tenor)

 Saturday 17th January

7:00 pm.  -Dr Alvaro Lista  

 CONFERENCE " CIENCE & ART " -  How the brain create Art ? 

Saturday 24th January

9:00 pm.  Rafael Gintoli - Violin Concert 


* All the activities are free entrance.