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01/02/2016 to 01/31/2016

Art Shows

January 2nd -2016 - 6 pm - Opening Exhibition- Peter Schwickerath- 8 pm - Concert Misa Criolla - School of Dance - Nationa Ballet

Peter Schwickerath

Easy play with massive steel 


Iron and steel are materials commonly associated with industry

and the technical sphere. It was not before the 1920s that they

have been considered as useful for art, and therefore no longer

history and tradition exists in this realm. It is all the more remarkable

that artists have created such a wealth of different expressions

from this material, given the fact that its use requires a high

degree of mechanical skills and the employment of semi-industrial

modes of production. Peter Schwickerath confronts these conditions

with a vengeance and a passion for creation that is clearly

visible in his works. He employs the massive steel almost playfully,

maintaining its specific mass, weight and durability, and yet he endows

it with a puzzling esthetics.

Peter Schwickerath creates an art that avoids any complaisance,

although its shapes are found in a playful process. It does not decorate

anything, but it creates those accents that are necessary

to render a place memorable and interesting. It is an art that takes

industrially produced steel - the material at its disposal – seriously.

With consistent honesty, all its properties and modes of

expression are respected.

Siegfried Gnichwitz



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