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04/14/2012 to 05/05/2012

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Pablo Guidali/Erwan Morère - Fables

Fables is an anthological path that arises from the dialogue of images between the photographers Pablo Guidali (Uruguay) and Erwan Morère (France). Both have graduated from the Superior National School of Photography in Arles, the space where they have developed the research that is seen in this project, which has been selected for the Uruguayan National Competition Fund for Culture, 2011.

The series Fables is a particular registry of different strolls realized by the artists, in which the move across a territory constitutes a conceptual strategy for the development of the work. This work proposes a visual metaphor of the road, the creation of a personal universe that unfolds out of its reference or starting point, to situate itself in a field close to a dreamlike registry. The substance of the images is linked to the expansion of time, which derives us into an intimate and subtle moment. The printed movement affirms the metonymic relationship between photography and cinema, thus generating the singular poesy of the series.

This project is constituted in the itinerant show of the before mentioned series, which will be accompanied by talks and days for professional and amateur photographers in each one of the cities where the show is presented. What this proposal looks for, is sharing the technique developed by the artists for this work and to create bonds between the exhibitors and local agents.

Curator and Text: Ángela López Ruiz


Project selected for the Uruguayan National Competition Fund for Culture, 2011, MEC.

Sponsor: Superior National School of Photography in Arles.

Support: Center for Photography, City Councils of Maldonado, Colonia, San José and Lavalleja.

Collaborators: Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, Centro de Exposiciones SUBTE y Centro Cultural Kavlin.



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Monumental. En un impresionante entorno, pueden verse obras únicas en el país.Museo Atchugarry: esculturas en el pasto.

A 4 kilómetros de Manantiales se ubica la Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, que además de incluir el taller de uno de los artistas plásticos mejores pagos del país, exhibe algunas de las muestras más particulares, rodeadas de verde y con una fuerte apuest