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11/03/2012 to 12/15/2012

Art Shows

a show about nothing


Presents the work of 35 Uruguayan artists under 35 years old.

These artists were selected through an open call.

Nothing in this exhibition comes up as a beginning, as a void that can be filled, as what complements everything, as a blank space that the artist utilizes.

Nothing obliges the artist to not depend on a pre-established set point, other than the one that arises from his or her own practice.

Aims to open up the conversation between the visitor and the artist, creating a direct dialogue through the work exhibited.

By introducing the work through the texts written by the artists themselves, is the best way to present this contemporary art of today, of now.


Online catalogue:




saturday 3rd november - 6pm


Federico Aguiar
Víctor Andrade
Luciano Benites 
Cathy Burghi
Martín Canova
Gabriela Castillo 
Melanie Cobham
Colectivo Corto
Francisco Cunha
María Eugenia Estevez
Maite Faguaga
Marina Fernández
Fabricio Guaragna Silva
Martín Hernandez
Seida Lans
María Lasarga
Matías Lasarte 
Valentina López Aldao 
Ana Laura Luján
Pedro Luque
Federico Molinari
Antonella Moltini
Martín Pelenur
Mauro Recchi
Felipe Ridao
Sofía Rodríguez
Sofía Sienra
Sr. Estampador
Agustina Staricco
Elián Stolarsky
Martín Tisnes
Jessie Young
Alvaro Zunini

Alfred Trumpet Man
CampoSanto dj set + live
Ignacio Parodi dj set
Curator: Magdalena Fernández



03.11.12 - 15.12.12



Fundación Pablo Atchugarry: open call for Uruguayan artists under 35 years old, for a collective show to be held in November and December 2012, in the main building and park of the foundation.

Participants must be up to 35 years old by October 15th 2012.

Open to any artistic discipline.

Each participant must send a proposal bearing in mind that it will be shown within a collective of artists. If presenting as a collective one of the members must be designated as representative.

The show will have a catalogue that will be presented the day of the opening.

Last day to send proposals (extended): 20th September 2012.

Curator: Magdalena Fernández





Send questions and proposals to:


The proposal must be sent in 1 pdf file.


To include in the pdf file:

- Name and Last name.

- Artist name (if different than name/last name) or name of collective.

- Birth Date.

- Place of Birth.

- Place of residency.

- Email.

- Phone.

- Artist bio (maximum 10 lines).

- Artist text. (maximum 10 lines).

- cv.

- Image of both sides of Uruguayan document.


About each work:

- Author/s.

- Title.

- Year.

- Measurements/time.

- Medium/format.


Video: place images in the pdf file and send a download link. 


Sound: send a download link.



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Nota escrita por fmgente / radio de Maldonado

Atchugarry en Nueva York